Congenital Heart Surgery/Pediatric Congenital Cardiac. E-POSTER (ORAL) SESSION

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  • [CH/PED-01-E]
  • Exhibition area, 1st Floor. Zone – D
  • 2018.05.26 13:30
  • 90 min.

Moderators: Vladlen V. Bazylev (Russia), Sergej S. Volkov (Russia)

[CH/PED 01-EP-1] The Application of Getex-pulmonary Valve for Reconstruction of the Right Ventricular Outflow Tract in South China: the Experience of 35 Cases in a Single Center / 4 min.
Jimei Chen, Yong Zhang, Gang Xu, Shusheng Wen, Jianzheng Cen, Hujun Cui, Xiaobing Liu, Xiaohua Li, Yun Teng, Jian Zhuang

[CH/PED 01-EP-2] Complete Repair of Aortic Coarctation and Ventricular Septal Defect without Cardiopulmonary Bypass / 4 min.
Alexey Voitov, Alexander Omelchenko, Yuriy Gorbatykh, Artem Gorbatykh, Ilya Soynov, Nataliya Nichay, Yuriy Kulaybin, Alexey Zubritskiy, Alexandr Bogachev-Prokophiev, Alexandr Karaskov

[CH/PED 01-EP-3] Hybrid Stenting of the Right Ventricle Outflow Tract, as a Method of Palliative Care for Infants with a Critical Obstruction of the Right Ventricle Outflow Tract / 4 min.
Pavel V. Teplov, Alexey S. Ilin, Evgeniy V. Sahnov, Dmitriy P. Stolyarov, Arina V. Vityutneva, Konstantin A. Ilinyih

[CH/PED 01-EP-4] 20-Years Expirience with Pulmonary Allograft in Pediatric Heart Surgery: Diferent Techniques and Results / 4 min.
Sergej S. Volkov, Mikhail A. Zelenikin, Mikhail M. Zelenikin, Dmitrij V. Britikov, Ivan T. Narmani

[CH/PED 01-EP-5] New Valved Conduits for RVOT Reconstruction as a Possible Alternative to Homografts and Contegra Conduits. Manufacturing Technique and First In Vitro Examination / 4 min.
Vachtang Kostava, Marina Zelivyanskaya, Zhanneta Kondratenko, Irina Lyutova

[CH/PED 01-EP-6] Results of Correction of Ebstein Anomaly Using the Cone Reconstruction Technique / 4 min.
Nikita M. Troshkinev

[CH/PED 01-EP-7] Cone Reconstruction of the Tricuspid Valve in Children with Ebstein’s Anomaly / 4 min.
Denis S. Akatov, Vyacheslav A. Belov, Dina E. Khomich, Andrey A. Makarov, Sergey N. Kotov, Nataliya V. Ganukova, Yuriy A. Shneider

[CH/PED 01-EP-8] Early results and risk factors of bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosis in children / 4 min.
Dmitriy K. Guschin, Mikhail M. Zelenikin, Sergey S. Volkov, Mikhail A. Zelenikin

[CH/PED 01-EP-9] Future direction for evidence based research in congenital heart disease: assessment of the cardiorespiratory system. / 4 min.
Lyudmila A. Glushko, Leo A. Bockeria , Olga A. Bockeria , Anna Y. Zavarina, Valentina N. Shvedunova, Niyole A. Putyato, Leysan I. Mustafina, Anna A. Tokovenko

[CH/PED 01-EP-10] Are we satisfied with conventional thromboprophylaxis after univentricular repair? / 4 min.
Dmitriy K. Guschin, Aleksey A. Kupryashov, Mikhail M. Zelenikin, Artem B. Nikiforov, Ivan T. Narmaniya, Anastasiya V. Scherbak, Denis A. Dibin

Discussions / 50 min.

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