The History and the Modern State of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

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  • [HC-01-O]
  • Press Hall, 2F
  • 2018.05.26 10:30
  • 90 min.

Moderators: Shinichi Takamoto (Japan), Song Wan (Hong Kong)

[HC 01-O-1] Cardiovascular Surgery in the USSR and RF / 12 min.
Leo A. Bockeria

[HC 01-O-2] Pioneers Who Inspired Following Generations of Thoracic Surgeons in China / 12 min.
Song Wan

[HC 01-O-3] History of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery in Japan / 12 min.
Yoshiro Matsui

[HC 01-O-4] The Current Status of Cardiac Surgery in South Asia / 12 min.
Nazmul Hosain, Farzana Amin, Somaiya Rehman, Bhagawan Koirala

[HC 01-O-5] Overview of Thoracic Surgery in Vietnam / 12 min.
Uoc H. Nguyen

[HC 01-O-6] Technical Factors Affecting Cardiothoracic Surgery Mortality in Australian Hospitals / 12 min.
Justin Chan, Guy Maddern, Michael Worthington, Glenn McCulloch

Discussions / 18 min.

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