Meet the Expert - Adult 02

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  • [MA-02-L]
  • Congress Hall, 2F–B
  • 2018.05.25 08:30
  • 90 min.

Moderators: Duke E. Cameron (USA), Lorenzo A. Menicanti (Italy), Renat S. Akchurin (Russia)

[MA 02-L-1] Professionalism in surgery: From Halsted to the present / 20 min.
Duke E. Cameron

[MA 02-L-2] TAVI myth or reality? / 20 min.
Lorenzo A. Menicanti

[MA 02-L-3] Thirty Years’ Experience Microsurgery in CABG. Looking Ahead / 20 min.
Renat S. Akchurin

Discussions / 30 min.

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