Mitral Valve Repair

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  • [PA-01-L]
  • Congress Hall, 2F–C
  • 2018.05.24 08:00
  • 90 min.

Moderators: David H. Adams (USA), Song Wan (Hong Kong), Marc R. Moon (USA)

Post-graduate Course. AATS-ASCVTS PG- Adult 01

[PA 01-L-1] Mitral Valve Analysis and Pathoanatomy / 15 min.
Marc R. Moon

[PA 01-L-2] Barlow's Syndrome: Origin and Evolution / 15 min.
Clifford Barlow

[PA 01-L-3] Annuloplasty: Tips and Tricks / 15 min.
Song Wan

[PA 01-L-4] Posterior Leaflet Prolapse: Resect or Respect? / 15 min.
Carlos Mestres

[PA 01-L-5] Complex Bileaflet Repair: Advanced Techniques / 15 min.
David H. Adams

Discussions / 15 min.

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