Long-term Surgical Results of Takayasu Arteritis

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Long-term Surgical Results of Takayasu Arteritis

Kosuke Nakamae, Akihisa Furuta, Satoshi Saito, Hiroshi Niinami

Tokyo Womens Medical University Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Date, time and location: 2018.05.25 15:30, Exhibition area, 1st Floor. Zone – C


[Background] Takayasu arteritis is a chronic inflammatory arteritis of unknown cause affecting large vessels, predominantly the aorta and its main branches. Vessel inflammation causes aorta-related disease which sometimes require surgical repair. The purpose of this study to evaluate the surgical results of Takayasu Arteritis.

[Method]We conducted a retrospective study on 26 patients with Takayasu arteritis who underwent surgical repair at our institution from 1983 to 2013 and the early and late results were evaluated.

[Results] There were 5 males and 21 females and mean age at the first surgery was 39.8±15.6 years. Mean follow-up time was 14.4 ± 10. 7 years. Primary diagnosis was coronary artery disease in 2 cases, aortic valve regurgitation without annuloaortic ectasia in 5, aortic valve regurgitation with annuloaortic ectasia in 15, thoracic aortic aneurysm in 10, and major aorta stenosis in 2. Primary repair was Bentall operation in 4 cases, Bentall operation + aorta grafting in 7, Bentall operation + coronary operation in 1, aortic valve replacement in 6, aortic valve replacement + aorta grafting, aorta grafting in 2, coronary operation in 2 and extraanatomical bypass grafting in 3. The cases of early death was unknown in 1 and bacterial meningitis in 1. The survival rate by Kaplan - Meier method was 81.3±10.4 % at 20 years. There were 3 late deaths, which were cardiopulmonary arrest in 2 and unknown in 1. Freedom from re-operation was 77.4±22.6 % at 20 years. Re-operations were Bentall operation in 1 case, re-Bentall operation with coronary artery bypass grafting in 1, descending aorta replacement in 1. One case underwent 3 reoperations.

[Conclusion] The long-term results of surgical treatment for Takayasu Arteritis were acceptable in terms of early mortality, long term survival, and freedom from re-operation.

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