Surgical Treatment of Infective Endocarditis of Right Chambers of the Heart

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Surgical Treatment of Infective Endocarditis of Right Chambers of the Heart

Gennadiy Khubulava, Nazim Shikhverdiev, Andrey Peleshok, Dmitriy Ushakov, Vladimir Krivopalov, Valeriy Sizenko

Russian Military Medical Academy, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Date, time and location: 2018.05.25 13:30, Exhibition area, 1st Floor. Zone – D


Introduction: In all cases of infective endocarditis (IE) localization of the infection in right chambers take place in 5-10%.

Aim: to analyze the results of surgical treatment of patients with IE of right chambers of the heart.

Materials and methods: 87 cases of IE of tricuspid valve with mean age of 25 years were analyzed. Depending on the type of surgical intervention, all patients were divided into 2 groups: 1 group – 56 patients after tricuspid valve replacement and II group – 31patient after tricuspid valve repair. 89,7% (78 patients) were drug users, in 5 cases IE of tricuspid developed against background of congenital pathology, 2 patients had VSD and 2 patients had ASD, in 2 cases IE of tricuspid valve was managed after childbirth and in 2 cases after heart trauma. Pulmonary complications took place in 81% (71 patient): 69 patients with pneumonia after pulmonary infarction, 2 patients with pleural empyema. In 68,9% of cases (42 patients)Staphylococcus aureusinfectious agent. 
Results: mortality in I group was 12,5% (7 patients) and there was no mortality in II group. In the long-term, 34 patients were tracked (20 patients in group 1 and 14 in group 2 patients). 1 patient died and 7 patients were reoperatedafter thrombosis of prosthetic valve. The was no evidence of mortality or reoperation in II group.

Conclusion: In patients with IE of tricuspid valve early surgery allows to decrease risk of pulmonary complications. Repair of tricuspid valve in patients with IE of right chamber is preferred procedure.

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